You do WHAT?

I know I can’t be the only crazy working homeschool mom! Right?

To be fair, I didn’t start off doing both. When my second child was 18 months olds I enrolled in a learning opportunity at our base. One of the plus sides to this opportunity was the 20 free hours of child care at one of the Family Child Care homes on base. Family Child Care? I had no idea what that even meant at the time, but I was really excited to finish my education, so off I went to this FCC home. I will never forget it, the cute little shelves with toys- all labeled with pretty pictures and colors. It was so inviting and fun. My daughter loved her FCC provider and we enrolled right away with our free hours.

After a few months the learning program shut down, sadly. I tested out early and graduated with my diploma and went on to enroll in College to become a Teacher. Life was going great but I kept thinking about that FCC program. How awesome it would be to open my own FCC program, finish my degree and be at home with my kids?! What? My husband was a bit skeptical, but he eventually gave in and I decided to give it a shot!

Well…fast forward to today. I’ve been running that FCC home ever since, with the exception of a few breaks to work in the CDC’s (Child Development Centers on base) and once to Homeschool (I’ll fill you in on that later). My little 18 month old, is now 13 years old and full of attitude.

I’ve learned a lot over the years, and I’ve had some pretty amazing mentors along the way. I hope I can help other providers or maybe those who are considering this career path. It’s an amazing job, and certainly not for everyone. Ha!

I typically care for 5-6 children at time, the ages vary a lot but its common for me to have children infancy through four years old at any given time. You can only imagine how busy the day can be but it sure is fun and well…sometimes messy! Lesson planning, cleaning, organizing and cooking. Just a few of the tasks I do on a daily basis and for the last year I’ve also been homeschooling! I know what you’re thinking,

“Is she serious?”

“How do you manage?”

“Girl you have lost your mind!”

Haha! I hear those on a daily basis too, and guess what? I’ve figured out that I’m not the ONLY crazy one doing both! As it turns out theres a whole community of moms just like me. Who knew?

So whether you do both, do one or do none of these things- I hope I can inspire you or at least make you laugh with the daily antics of my life!


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