Daycare Room Tour

Hey! I’ve had a lot of people over the years ask me for tours of my daycare room. I love inviting new providers over so that they can see my space and ask me tons of questions! Thanks to technology, I can now share my space with all of you!

I just wanted to show that you don’t have to have a huge room or a super large house to run a successful daycare. You just have to get creative and utilize every nook and cranny. I hope you find this video helpful and please let me know if you’d like more details on a certain area!


I mentioned a few items in my video that I promised I’d link you to:

Magna-tiles- these are one of my very favorite items, if you don’t have them yet you should check them out!

Also for my magnet board I have several different Melissa and Doug magnet sets. The kids love these too!

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